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If you employ staff, they can cost you money – intentionally or unintentionally.

We have vast experience in dealing with staff thefts and frauds, and just downright difficult employees. There’s probably no scam that we haven’t come across in the last decade when dealing with employment problems ranging from time-theft, drugs, failing to account and bullying – to major fraud and systemic pilfering (theft).

We are licensed private investigators specialising in employment law but experienced in all lines of investigation.

We ensure the investigative and disciplinary process is carried out to the exacting standards of the law whilst saving you personal involvement – thereby removing the stress and strain regularly experienced by those involved.   We make sure the likelihood of a successful Personal Grievance is removed or at the very least, greatly reduced.

We can often resolve employment relationship problems between staff and management before they become formal, but if that’s not possible we provide skilled and experienced representation at Department of Labour Mediations and Employment Relations Authority Investigations. We complete the file preparation and case management that precedes formal hearings.

We have a team that draft the documents and manuals required for staff knowledge and understanding of what is required of them.   This includes employment agreements and contractors contracts.


Our Associate Guy Wellwood specializes in helping employees or groups of employees with their issues in the workplace. This includes but is not limited to representing employees in disputes with their employer; employment agreement review and negotiation; advice about redundancies; annual leave/public holidays; and general employment enquiries.


We conduct Business Risks Analysis and Security Reviews for businesses of any size and provide detailed and comprehensive identification of vulnerabilities identified along with clear recommendations.   Loss Prevention is a key focus, so we prefer to become involved with a client early and prevent problems from arising in the first instance.

In addition to the services detailed, Abraham Consultants have a team of licensed agents fully immersed in the service of Debt Collection, Repossessions, Process Serving, Tracing and CCTV surveillance reviewing.  If you need someone located, served, a vehicle repossessed or a debt collected, we can get it done!   Those who have spent hours in front of a monitor reviewing evidence will appreciate the value of a skilled reviewer and their accurate reporting.