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Dianne Abraham – Director

Dianne has over 20 years experience in Human Resource management ranging from drafting and implementing company policies and procedures to preparing and implementation of employment agreements. Health and Safety and quality assurance¬†are also a part of Dianne’s portfolio and she has extensive experience in assessing and then developing health and safety systems that comply with and reflect current health and safety requirements.

Being a systems orientated person Dianne found her natural leaning was towards systems analysis and the creation of structured documentation encapsulating good practices for business.

She excelled in developing relevant and necessary paperwork and this has expanded now to cover all areas of Policies and Procedures, Staff Information Handbooks, Health and Safety Manuals and Systems, Quality Assurance Systems and business documentation. She has developed staff management forms and systems seen as an integral component for the small or medium size business to the large corporation.

Dianne works closely on site with significant clients in a hands on role assessing needs, implementing quality controls and policies and procedures, providing health and safety direction and support and drafting and negotiating employment agreements.

Dianne provides a mobile human resource management service that can be tailored to meet the needs of the client. Working in partnership with the client ensures that the service is personalised, cost effective and optimises the opportunity for staff to take ownership of any changes introduced.

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