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Douglas Abraham – Director

Doug founded Abraham Consultants Ltd in 1995, after 23 years with the New Zealand Police which he retired from in 1993.

During this career he developed exceptional communication skills in dealing both with the public and the media.  He has delivered presentations to students and lecturers at both the Auckland University and the Auckland Polytechnic College law courses involving Community Oriented Policing concepts and its role in the community.

During his service with the Police, Doug was a serving member of the elite Police Armed Offenders Squad and gained in-depth experience and knowledge of psychological trauma, stress response, mediation and negotiation.

Doug has presented extensively throughout New Zealand on subjects ranging from Armed Hold-Up Survival Skills through Conflict Resolution, Loss Prevention, Employee Malpractise, Hostage Event & Stress Management. These subjects have also been facilitated to numerous Multi-National Companies in Australia and Fiji.

Over the past 14 years, through exposure to businesses of all sizes and natures, Doug came to identify with the business owner – the employer – and the expectation on them to “know” everything. The employer was expected to have the knowledge, skill, desire, acumen and ability to establish and grow a business whilst running the gauntlet of the IRD, Resource Management Act, Health and Safety in Employment Act, Employment Relations Act, by-laws and other regulations and NOT GET IT WRONG (because ignorance of the law is no excuse).

His experiences focused on the area of employee malpractise and as a consequence how to deal with staff related problems professionally, fairly and without exposing the employer to liability through current legislation.

Today, Doug is immersed in employment law and its many facets from investigating, interviewing and dismissing staff to representing employers in employment mediation and adjudications.

His penchant is the entire disciplinary process and getting it right.

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