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Debt Ledger Management

Often people in business simply do not have the time to follow up regularly on their debtor’s ledger. We provide a comprehensive collection service for either small or large ledgers.

Our experience is that having a non-offensive professional contacting your late payers and pursuing payment of late accounts can have an immediate effect and produce essential cash flow for your business.

Once received a series of telephone calls will be made to the debtor politely reminding them of the overdue account and establishing when payment may be received.

This approach will often highlight any problems that may affect your debtor’s ability to make payment or any likely dispute giving rise to non payment.   If satisfaction is not achieved, you may authorise a debtor visit.  This involves an agent attending at the debtors premises and personally discussing the debt with the debtor.

At the completion of the ledger management process a full report will  be provided detailing action taken and payments arranged. The report will also contain any matters that may need to be addressed between our client and their debtor.

The ledger management information is not retained in our debtor database and client confidentiality is meticulously protected.

Service Features:

  • Any size debt
  • 3 Telephone calls to debtor
  • Detailed Report to Client
  • Letter to non contacted debtors
  • Payment direct to clients bank account.

Additional option – Debtor visit

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