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Employment Agreements

Since the introduction of the Employment Relations Act 2000, employers have lost the right to have non-documented employment relationships with their employees.

Yet we are still meeting clients who do not have even the most fundamental individual employment agreement in writing. This can be a costly gamble as the act allows for a penalty against any breach of this rule.   

On top of this, the rules are changing constantly.   We now have a 90 day trial period which, if applied pursuant to the Employment Relations Act means an employee cannot raise a Personal Grievance against their employer (under specific circumstances).   The parties can agree to change the day a public holiday is observed and an employee can be directed to take an alternative holiday or annual leave on no less than 14 days notice in writing.   These and other important points need to be recorded in writing so that both employee and employer know where they stand.

Having a simple, concise, well worded document which fairly and clearly conveys its intention in unmistakeable terms to both parties can prevent the misunderstanding, anguish and disputes which commonly occur in the absence of such a document.

If you do not have an employment agreement, it is not up to date or you perhaps require assistance with preparing one, contact me today:

Doug Abraham