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Pre-Employment Screening

We understand that those you employ are your greatest assets, as they drive productivity and profit. This is why making the right decision is crucial, and having the confidence that you have identified the risks is important. Hiring qualified, honest employees is critical to your success.

Many employers are under pressure to fill roles and may potentially jump at a seemingly good candidate. Pressure to fill a role can result in managers sacrificing thorough background checks.

Abraham Consultants can provide a Pre-Employment Screening Service that undertakes all the necessary checks on the client’s behalf leaving them to focus on the candidates’ personality and skills that best meets the requirements of the job.

A Pre-Employment Screening is your opportunity to verify information provided by an applicant. It may reveal information that was either intentionally or mistakenly omitted. Pre-Employment Screening also helps confirm degrees or certifications earned, as well as verifying authenticity of past employment and references.

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