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Representation – Personal Grievances

The procedural requirements for a dismissal can be complex and for the uninitiated, difficult to meet.

Even understanding the requirements can prove difficult because much of the provision is found not in legislation but in common or case law.

Precedents of cases which have been dealt with in the past often dictate the guidelines for the future.

Dealing with an employee through the disciplinary process can often be complex and what may appear to the employer a reasonable way of settling a dispute may provide the lever for a claim (often not insignificant) after employment has been terminated.

Abraham Consultants can assist with these matters and will enter the process at any stage including the provision of guidance through the disciplinary process. We are experienced in procedural requirements and should a personal grievance be lodged, can remove the pressure from the employer while they concentrate on the important aspect of running their business.

We undertake direct negotiation with the ex-employee or their representative and where the matter cannot be resolved, provide representation at mediation or the Employment Relations Authority.

If there is any advice we can offer employers which will cover every aspect of handling an employment dispute or a personal grievance it is this:

Do not wait – call us at the first sign of trouble.  The cost is minimal compared to the risk you could expose yourself to.

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