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Employee Theft and Fraud

Employee theft and fraud is a prevalent cause of loss in businesses today.

Employee theft prevention and fraud detection investigations frequently make a positive contribution to your bottom line! A recent survey conducted in New Zealand found that 40% of all loss in the retail sector was solely attributable to employee theft or fraud.

Abraham Consultants can assist with camera surveillance both covert and overt. Covert video equipment is installed for specific dishonesty investigations in the workplace.

We are experts on when covert cameras can and cannot be used and how to use this method of collecting evidence to your best advantage.

Our services also include the review and analysis of CCTV tapes, conducting follow-up investigations, interviews & enquiries. Operating subject to current NZ law, we provide professional advice on the best methods to achieve your desired objectives.

Our documentation process will ensure the appropriate evidential trail for the Police to conduct a successful prosecution.

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