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Document Service

Abraham Consultants serve documents of all types for clients who need them served in a professional and timely manner with accompanying proof of service acceptable in any jurisprudence.

Although process serving is usually performed for law firm clients, from time to time individuals are advised by the court to seek a document serving agency such as Abraham Consultants directly.

We incorporate an inherent knowledge of court process and legal documents with a thorough understanding of service procedures, which we believe is integral to the process serving function.

Abraham Consultants serve documents New Zealand wide and can arrange service in Australia.

Documents can be forwarded to us or we can arrange to uplift then from your office or any District Court or High Court.

We will ensure they are served in a timely manner and in accordance with relevant statutes, rules and regulations. Upon successful service you will receive a report complete with information for an affidavit of service.

If required, we can draft the Affidavit of Service.   No fee is charged for swearing Affidavits of Service.

Our objective is to make the process as simple, effective and hassle free as possible for our clients.

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