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Mortgagee Sale Evictions

Posted on January 20th, 2009

With the change in the economic outlook a new service has been provided by Abraham Consultants Ltd.

With the increase in mortgagee sales home buyers are buying properties thinking that they have bought well and then on possession date expect that the house is delivered vacant and in good condition!

Abraham Consultants received an S.O.S from a solicitor of a young couple who had bought a nice home in Taradale to find that on Friday, the possession day, not only was Mr X (old owner) still living in the property but was not making any effort to leave. They found that they had to continue to pay rent and also the mortgage for the property occupied.

We were required to visit Mr X just a few days before Christmas and he was playing the victim even though he had not paid any mortgage for over three months. He declared he had no where to go and did not seem proactive in looking. It transpired when talking to him that he expected that legal delays would mean that he would be in the house rent free until the New Year. Meanwhile the new owners frantically wanted to be in their new home for Christmas.

Abraham Consultants outlined the situation to Mr X directing him to be out over the weekend. On Monday morning the property was still occupied and Mr X had gone walkabout but was contacted remotely trying to access his answering phone.

Abraham Consultants were able to have Mr X off the property by 5pm that day.

Abraham Consultants swung into action and had:

  • Obtained access to the property.
  • Issued Mr X with a Trespass Order
  • Provided Trespass Order to the Police and informed them what was happening
  • Photographed inside and outside of property prior to the eviction.
  • Arranged for furniture removers to move furniture onto the driveway.
  • Helped Mr X to obtain transport and assistance to move his goods and furniture from the property.
  • Oversaw the process to ensure property was not damaged and fixtures and fittings were not removed.
  • Conducted final check of property with Mr X and new owner
  • Reiterated to Mr X about Trespass Order and ramifications of trespassing onto the property.
  • Conducted the handover of the property to new owner.

This was the first of many evictions and surveillance required to protect the interests of buyers of Mortgagee Sales.

Doug Abraham

Abraham Consultants

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